Who We Are

A Harmony of Harps is a harp ensemble based in Syracuse, NY. The group is a chapter of the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen. We are comprised of members of varied ages, vocations, and abilities, but we all share a love for the harp. We exist to provide the CNY harp community with a place to play music and to simply chat about harps. A Harmony of Harps rehearses monthly at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Fayetteville and performs publicly several times throughout the year. We play both ensemble pieces and solos in a range of styles, from Celtic, Renaissance, and folk to classical and contemporary. We play music ranging from easy/beginner to advanced, but beginners are able to join in even on our toughest pieces. We welcome harp players of all abilities.

In the past years, we have performed at libraries, nursing homes, and cultural events including the CNY Scottish and Celtic Festival. In 2007, A Harmony of Harps organized Harpa Galora, a harp concert featuring 36 harpists to commemorate a similar concert held 75 years before. We celebrated a bigger and better Harpa Galora in 2012. Upcoming performances and meetings are listed on first page.

We welcome all new members, regardless of harping ability. If you are interested in joining, contact our president, Deette Bunn, and come to one of our meetings. We are also a great source of information about harping in Central New York and can provide information on harp teachers in the area, performances of interest, where to buy a harp, and various and sundry related harp information! Check our links for more information or contact Deette Bunn with any questions.

Meetings are usually held the first Saturday of the month at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Fayetteville. We meet at 1:30 for set up, and we begin playing at 2PM. Generally our meetings last until 4, but members leave earlier as necessary. Regular attendance is not mandatory; however, we think once you attend one meeting, you will find it gives you a musical/harp outlet that you will want to maintain. Meeting dates can vary, so check here for the latest information.

Meetings begin with standard group business. We then typically launch into whatever music we are currently working on as an ensemble to prepare for performances. Additional practices are held as a performance grows closer.

Contact: Deette Bunn harpladymama@gmail.com, president.

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Deette Bunn
E-mail: harpladymama@gmail.com